• Phenolic Composition, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Extract from Flowers of Rosa damascena from Morocco
    Chroho Mounia, Bouymajane Aziz, El Majdoub Yassine Oulad, Cacciola Francesco, Mondello Luigi, Aazza Mustapha, Zair Touriya, Bouissane Latifa
    SEPARATIONS, Issue: 9 SEP 2022, Volume: 9
  • Expanding the Knowledge Related to Flavors and Fragrances by Means of Three-Dimensional Preparative Gas Chromatography and Molecular Spectroscopy
    De Grazia Gemma, Cucinotta Lorenzo, Rotondo Archimede, Donato Paola, Mondello Luigi, Sciarrone Danilo
    SEPARATIONS, Issue: 8 AUG 2022, Volume: 9
  • The 20-Year Jubilee of the Interdivisional Group of Separation Science of the Italian Chemical Society
    Corradini Danilo, Mondello Luigi
    SEPARATIONS, Issue: 5 MAY 2022, Volume: 9
  • Profiling the Volatile and Non-Volatile Compounds along with the Antioxidant Properties of Malted Barley
    El Mansouri Fouad, El Farissi Hammadi, Cacciola Francesco, Esteves da Silva Joaquim C. G., Palma Lovillo Miguel, El Majdoub Yassine Oulad, Trovato Emanuela, Mondello Luigi, Khaddor Mohamed, Brigui Jamal
    SEPARATIONS, Issue: 5 MAY 2022, Volume: 9
  • Pattern-Type Separation of Triacylglycerols by Silver ThiolatexNon-Aqueous Reversed Phase Comprehensive Liquid Chromatography
    Arena Paola, Sciarrone Danilo, Dugo Paola, Donato Paola, Mondello Luigi
    SEPARATIONS, Issue: 6 JUN 2021, Volume: 8
  • Influence of Citrus Flavor Addition in Brewing Process: Characterization of the Volatile and Non-Volatile Profile to Prevent Frauds and Adulterations
    Trovato Emanuela, Arigo Adriana, Vento Federica, Micalizzi Giuseppe, Dugo Paola, Mondello Luigi
    SEPARATIONS, Issue: 2 FEB 2021, Volume: 8
  • Analysis of Organic Sulphur Compounds in Coal Tar by Using Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography-High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
    Aloisi Ivan, Zoccali Mariosimone, Tranchida Peter Q., Mondello Luigi
    SEPARATIONS, Issue: 2 JUN 2020, Volume: 7